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Urmet have worked with Schneider Electric to make available the Push Control App on the Max IP touchscreen. This is one of many 3rd party manufacturers Urmet are partnering to simplify integration of apartment systems on an App level, providing a huge choice of integration possibilities.

The Max homepage can default to any App available on the Max. The Max boasts a 1024x600 screen resolution the highest available combined with a fast processor and  Android OS making the gesture environment familiar to all users.


  • The Max is a professional touchscreen as all installed Apps are factory controlled, the Android OS is locked down so residents are unable to install Apps.  
  • The Max has 2 LAN ports.
  • LAN1 IPervoice video entry, Concierge and lift control services
  • LAN2 Local LAN (or WiFi) connected to the home network
  • When the Max is working with 3rd party Apps the touchscreen is a simply a tablet on the wall.
  • Two separate networks provide a professional solution for building and home control on a single device.

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