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Installation Made Easy!

We know how crucial it is to make your life easier not just by choosing Urmet but also what we have to offer when choosing us. 

For every quotation we send out we also send a cable schematic - this shows exactly what cables need to be used with the system, see example below. 

We also send out a site specific wiring diagram with every system ordered, showing exactly how the modules connect to the apartments. The diagram will have a unique number for example UD01234 - this then makes it easier if you call our technical support team, as they will have this diagram and can immediately refer to it. 

Also a unique ISO number is found on the main system power supply, again if you do not have the diagram to hand and need to install the system, you can again call the technical team and they can talk you through the process.

All these little steps ensure your installation process is as simple as can be when you choose Urmet - our experienced technical team are always ready to provide telephone assistance if required. 

Cable Schematic (Wiring Diagram)



Sample Connection Diagram


Main System Power Supply

  • PDF Sample Technical Datasheets


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