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Enter Pelle Style, Bespoke Leather Keys From Urmet!

Pelle keys from Urmet are manufactured in London, using traditional leather manufacturing processes. An inlay tag containing an electronic chip and coil is encapsulated in a protective PET cover then inserted within the leather key. Available in 13.56Mhz or 125Khz.

Selected for its durability Pelle keys are manufactured from long lasting vegetable tanned leather. The tanning process is completed with vegetable extracts, nuts and tree bark. The leather is first glued then machine stitched, the colour of thread can also be changed for a colour contrast. An edge stain is used to colour the edge or a natural edge option is available and a chrome coloured key ring is provided for a quality finish.

The leather is available in a range of standard colours however a colour matching service is available and subject to suitability we can also source varying leather types.

The Pelle key can be embossed with a logo, the embossing is heated to maintain its appearance and foil embossing is also available for finishes such as silver, gold, and black or bronze.

Keys can be embossed with just the Urmet logo at no extra cost.

Pelle keys are custom made, lead times for production are 4-6 weeks once we have received all the necessary information and the design has been signed off.



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